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aj's editing journey

I've been editing videos for over 10 years now. I started out with music videos and short films. As a one man wrecking crew I had to visualize my projects from A to Z which I feel gives me an edge in overall storytelling. 

My goal is to make these cuts compelling and evoke the right emotions through music, color, and tone. Since I started, I've dabbled in every kind of filmmaking I could.

My specialty is cutting anything documentary style, because I love bringing the story to life through interviews and B-roll. Since I've been in Los Angeles I've worked on projects including but not limited to; Fashion commercials, event videos, social media ads, sporting events, spec commercials, interviews, youtube vlogs, music videos and much more.

I look forward to digging into great footage, or poorly shot footage and making a gem out of it. I've definitely found my personal favorite style in the last couple years which would be gritty and visceral. With that being said, I can emulate most editing styles fairly easily. Lets see what you got and chop it up! (heh, get it?)


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