I began Scene Wave Media for two reasons; One, I wanted to be able to offer

multiple media solutions under a single brand, and second, I needed an outlet for the constant creative nonsense running through my mind..

My lens is hard to look through sometimes. It's cynically hilarious and emotional and dark at times. 


All Out is a Docu-series I created alongside Jordan Wiseley. He hosts the show as we take you through parts of his crazy life. Jordan is constantly on the move between competing for cash on reality tv, to producing his own feature films, to winning triathlons and so much more.

As the executive producer of this show, I'm constantly trying to take it to the next level. Is there anything Jordan can't do? I forgot to mention...HE'S DISABLED! I'm not kidding. Catch this guy doing his thing on All Out: The Docuseries.

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writing & directing

Collection of work I have written and/or directed. Works include narrative, commercial,  music videos and much more


video editing

Need something cut? Check out what I've been working on. I've been inspired by the MTV era fast paced cuts but can adapt to most styles commercially.



Just shooting fashion, lifestyle, extreme sports, dogs and pretty much anything I can point my lens at, I can make it look pretty.



It took a lot of trial and error to get here, but I love all the mediums I've tried over the years. Some I continue to do professionally some are just lifelong hobbies. Regardless, check it out.