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by AJ



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Creating lookbooks has been a process I've really dug into the past 4 years, so when Jordan Wiseley asked me to come shoot his collaborative charity auction lookbook, I said yes immediately.

We got to work on making the concept that Jordan and the collaborative artist, William Sylas had put into motion. This involved building a set out of railroad ties, gravel, a studio and a vintage cafe racer.

I could see Jordan's vision as soon as we began talking about it, and I think we planned and executed beautifully. During a time of peak racial/political tension, we were proud to work on something that we could feel good about, that really showed where we stood.

The artwork on the jackets by the artist William Sylas, was so raw, and visceral that I wanted the lookbook and the video segment to capture that rawness.

When creating the lookbook, I made cropped photos on a solid white background so the photos felt more isolated. I wanted the copy to be chaotic and intrusive, while still drawing focus to the models. I've worked on many lookbooks over the past few years and this one was by far my favorite for many reasons.


White Rabbit- by Lilianna wilde 
BTS Photography

Black design creative - Charity auction
Lookbook Photography

MinaBine - Fashion launch
Lookbook Photography